Weekend workshop for interracial couples

NEXT WORKSHOP is November 9-10

Interracial marriages and relationships have undergone tremendous growth within the last few decades. Interracial couples regularly navigate their racial reality in ways that are universal for all romantic partners and are in other ways unique and uncharted. Facilitated by a married interracial couple Yael & Dr. Paula, both Certified Imago Workshop Presenters, the workshop creates a safe, supportive environment for couples to explore core issues and transform their partnership.

Private Couples' Intensives

Learning to Communicate

The intensive invites interracial couples to experience “Dialogue,” a powerful positive communication process that enables them to really see each other–beyond their fears, cultural conditioning and projections. Dialogue provides a safe and fertile context for each person to see, hear, and understand their partner’s perspective and gain deeper insight into him or herself. Experiencing Dialogue connects partners across differences that are commonly known to create deep divides and polarization.

Meet Yael & Dr. Paula

Yael Bat-Shimon is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Workshop Presenter and writer. Dr. Paula M. Smith is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist & Workshop Presenter, Imago Faculty Candidate, adjunct professor and published author. Yael & Paula are an interracial couple that have been married for 16 years and in 2011, they co-founded Imago Relationships Providence.

Why Imago

Imago therapy, also known as Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT), is a form of relationship therapy that aims to help partners listen deeply to each other’s concerns and needs, develop empathy and understanding, and heal from past experiences together.

Helps resolve conflict

Imago therapy is primarily for couples experiencing conflict who are looking to resolve issues in their relationship.

Uncover each other's needs

Find each other’s emotional needs and rekindle feelings of warmth by resolving lingering conflicts and create mutual understanding